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Golden Mother Yoga strengthens the body, heals illness, and can add years to your life.
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Golden Mother Yoga Teaching Materials Available!


Buddhist Vajra Master Lian Tzi is currently the only teacher of Golden Mother Yoga in the world. This unique form of Yoga was transmitted by Jade-Pond Golden Mother (the highest diety in Toaism) directly to Master Lian Tzi, to be shared with the people in this world. 

During a discourse, Grand Master Lu, the founder of True Buddha School, reveals that Master Lian Tzi has the lineage connection with  Golden Mother. And her affinity with Golden mother is deep and special. Hence practicing and teaching the Golden Mother Yoga is her destiny. Thus,  Master Lian Tzi has started to teach Golden Mother Yoga. 

In February 2001, Master Lian Tzi went to Taiwan to make professional recordings of the Yoga teachings. Each set of teaching materials include 3 VCD's or VHS's for  beginner, intermediate and advance Yoga teaching classes. All strokes, forms and  breathing techniques are explained clearly by Master Lian Tzi.  This is extremely beneficial for all students.

All are welcomed to order the teaching material from International Lotus  Light charity Society. The cost of each set of material is USD75 and additional postage fee is USD25.  




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For further enquires, please contact:

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