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Golden Mother Yoga strengthens the body, heals illness, and can add years to your life.
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Saturday 2:00PM -
Lotus Light Lei Zang Si Temple
#200-357, East Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C, Canada, V6A 1P3 
Tel: 1(604)685-5548
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Golden Mother Yoga - Intermediate Class


Intermediate Class


Vajra Master Lian Tzi


  1. Dragonfly Spreading Wings on Lotus Leaf
  2. Meditation Belt Double Twisting
  3. Sea Lion Body Turns
  4. The Gnostic Turtle Carrying the Precious Medicine Vitality Pill
  5. Golden Child Six Harmonies
  6. Phoenix Circling Over the Jade Pond
  7. Thousand Turns Lotus Wheel
  8. The Sun and the Moon, the Wind and the Fire








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